I have a sincere doubt about this writers and actors strike and I am always afraid of asking a question because I have been misinterpreted in questions many times, but anyway…
I have been thinking that all this industry wide pause in all productions is affecting not only the writers and actors. I understand and admire that the ‘big’ actors and writers are supporting the ones that do not have the same voice and privileges and that need this negotiation much more than them, I think that it is amazing, but also, there are so much more people involved in this freeze.
I am that one person that remains in the movie theater until the end of the credits rolling and the volume of different roles and people involved in a production have always amazed me, since the first time I set foot in a screening room, only to mention the ones credited on the screen, as there are many many more, cleaning crews, catering crews, assistants to assistants, planners of all kind, so much office work. Anyway, these are the people I am worried about. They have not been able to work and earn their living for a few months now and what worries me more is that, when all of this is over, the strikers will hopefully be in a better position, being properly recognized and remunerated for their work – which is more than fair – while these other roles will have missed a few months of work and will go back to the same work conditions as before, and it just does not seem fair.
And yes, this is not for the strikers to consider, they are doing the right thing, they are fighting the good fight. I am just saying that this makes the scenario even worse and the billionaire companies are not really helping there.
Also, as part of the audience, it saddens me to think that 2024 might be a very slow year regarding launches of new movies and shows, but I also wish that on the other side emerges a stronger industry where the more independent and smaller producers and companies also have their space, as I fathom it as part of the solution, not only the negotiation and its direct results per se. My chips are in the independent productions. The possibilities are always endless where there is a will to create art.
Ok, I think there was not a question here, unless people would like to discuss my thoughts with me and answer. I said I was not good with questions…
Anyway, I support the strikes and I stand with them, but I am worried with the bigger picture and not sure how that will turn out.